To add security to your home's windows, you may need to choose between security window screens or burglar bars. Burglar bars are those that look like bars you would see on a jail cell, whereas security screens are like window screens but are made of a more rugged material that cannot be easily cut. They may also lock in place with an actual keyed lock or have a sliding deadbolt inside the home. Before you decide on which choice is the right one for adding security to your home, note the advantages of security window screens.

1. Opening and removal

When you put burglar bars over your windows, it's virtually impossible to remove them; doing so will typically involve a drill that takes out the screws or bolts that are attached to your home's frame. Security screens may be attached on the inside of the window frame so that you can remove them completely from inside much more easily. Security screens may also have hinges inside the window frame so that you can open them as needed without actually removing them. They may swing outward and be propped open, or may actually roll up into a housing above the window. Others may have a scissor design that allows you to push them to one side or the other. 

This allows you to open the screen as needed, for light or ventilation. When you have burglar bars installed, you typically cannot simply open the bars and may have your view always blocked off, even during the daytime. Security screens that you can remove or push out of the way will make the windows more accessible when you want to clean them.

2. Egress

Burglar bars may not allow for easy egress, meaning exit in case of an emergency. If there is a fire or other emergency inside the home, the burglar bars can actually trap your family inside. Security screens can be unlocked and opened so that your family can escape out a window when needed.

3. Material

Burglar bars are often made of steel, which means they will usually corrode over time. You may need to sand them down and refinish them, or replace them altogether. This corrosion can also lead to unsightly rust stains on your home's exterior. Most security screens will be made of heavy-duty aluminum, which will not corrode or rust. Some may also be made of thick plastic that is also noncorrosive. These materials will mean less maintenance and less risk of those unsightly rust stains.

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