Residential security is a major concern for all homeowners. The installation of security screen doors on entry and exit points around the house is often considered among the most effective ways to enhance residential security.

Buying a security screen door involves more than walking into a dealer's store like GPW Security Screens & Doors Pty Ltd and making payments for the same. Provided in this article are a few tips that homeowners looking to invest in a security screen door should have in mind.

Frame Mounting Is Better Than Flush Mounting

Flush mounting refers to a situation in which the installation of a security screen door does not involve the use of an independent mounting frame. Security screen door manufacturers will often not fabricate an independent mounting frame (alongside the security screen door) in order to cut down on production costs. Consequently, flush mounted security screen doors are often more affordable.

Frame-mounted security screen doors may be more expensive, but they also provide greater residential security. Anyone looking to gain forceful entry into the house will have to get past the independent frame material and get past the screen door itself. Thus, frame-mounted security screen doors provide a higher level of security around the home.  

Welded Hinges Are Not Futuristic

Welded hinges are often touted as a great way to hold security screen doors firmly in place. While there's not much ado about this claim, welded hinges may not be the best in terms of future adjustments to the security door.

Because the house is expected to settle and shift position slightly over time, the homeowner may have to adjust the position of a security screen door in line with the new relative position of the house. A security door installation specialist would be in a position to advise on the available alternatives to welded hinges on a security screen door.

A Powder Coat Is Better For The Environment

The exterior surface of a security screen door can either be painted or it can be powder-coated. This is done to protect the surface material of the door against the potentially harmful effects of exposure to harsh weather elements.

Choosing a powder coat instead of a paint finish is an environmentally conscious decision. Powder coats do not contain harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) commonly found in solvent-based paints. Additionally, the electrostatic application of powder coats is a less wasteful process than the process of applying liquid paint onto the surface of a security screen door.

Give it some thought.