A security screen door is a bit different than a standard screen door outside your home; standard screen doors are made of thin, flimsy aluminum that is often easy to pry away from the door frame, and they usually have lightweight locks that do little more than keep the door from flying open in the wind. A security screen door is typically thicker and more difficult to pry open and will usually have heavy-duty locks that are difficult to pick. When you are ready for a new security screen door, note a few factors and features you'll want to keep in mind.

Pet doors 

Because security screen doors are so thick and sturdy, you don't want to assume that you can just cut a pet door or entryway into it. You might find it's far more difficult than you imagined trying to use your everyday saw blades or other tools to cut out a space to add an entry for your pet, and you may even need to take your security screen door to a metal shop for this work. Avoid that hassle and expense by getting one with a pet door if you need it now or think you might be getting a pet in the future.

Pneumatic or hydraulic closers

Hydraulic and pneumatic closers will keep your security screen door from blowing open in the wind or slamming shut behind you; these types of closers are usually found on heavy-duty commercial doors in the entry to retail stores and the like. Since the security screen door is so heavy, it may be good to invest in one with a pneumatic or hydraulic closer attached. This will not only reduce the likelihood of the door slamming into you while you're coming or going, but it will also mean less wear and tear on the door hinges; in turn, you could actually prolong the life of your door.


If you choose a security screen door with glass rather than a screen, be sure you note the shatter resistance of the glass. This glass should be made of a thick, durable laminate which has a high thermal efficiency rating, meaning that it keeps out hot air or cold air during extremes in temperature. Don't assume that all glass is alike in a security screen door but note its thickness and durability when choosing the door and if it actually helps to insulate your home.