Having a security alarm system is a tested and proven way of making your home safer. However, simply having an alarm system is not all you have to do to make your home safe. There are a number of other things that you can do to make your alarm system more effective.

Have an outdoor security alarm display sign

You have most certainly seen an alarm sign posted outside a property warning that the indicated property is protected by a security alarm. If you are going to install a security alarm system, put up a similar sign. That sign acts as deterrent to criminals. It tells them that your property is not an easy pick when it comes to crime. And since criminals do not want to fail or get caught, they tend to avoid properties that have security alarms.

Choose a wireless alarm system

Security alarm systems are generally configured in two ways: some are wired and others are wireless. Go for the wireless design. A wireless system is harder for criminals to disable because there are no wires to cut. Plus, unlike wired systems, there aren't wires that can come loose by mistake and put your property at risk.

Pay for a monitoring service

Another effective way to make your security system more effective is to pay for a monitoring service. A monitoring service is basically a subscription to have your security system monitored for risks. Anytime a risk is detected, you will be contacted and alerted about it. And if the risk at hand is one that you cannot handle, the proper resources will be notified, e.g. police, fire department, etc. With this service your home is better covered against problems.

Have your alarm system inspected and serviced regularly

Every alarm system is prone to wear and tear. And for alarm systems, such issues could make your security system weak and prone to defeat. In fact, if your alarm is not serviced and some of the sensors go dormant, your property will be as unsafe as a property without an alarm system. To avoid this, schedule a maintenance service 2-3 times a year. The technicians will ensure that the console and sensors are working and communicating with each other at all times.

You can even go a step further and upgrade your old security alarm system for a newer model. This will entail replacing the main control console and the various sensors. Or you can simply have additional sensors installed to cover more areas in the house and additional risks such as smoke, CO, humidity, etc.