While you may be aware that security companies can provide personal protection, drug and bomb dogs, and cash-in-transit guards, you may not be aware of other services which they offer. Below is a guide to two lesser know services offered by security companies.

Secure Data and Document Storage

If you have confidential paperwork or sensitive digital data which you wish to keep safe, you should consider hiring the services of a security company. Most security services have specialists secure archive which can be used to store documents and data. Regular patrols and state-of-the-art technology protect these archives. All of the records and data which is put into storage will be catalogued so it can be easily located. If you require quick access to any information which is being stored, the security company can retrieve it for you at short notice. If you decided that information which is stored in the secure archive should be destroyed, the staff at the security company would carry this out on your behalf, ensuring that no documents or data can be recovered. Many security companies also have a private viewing area located within the archive building which allows clients to view documents in complete privacy.

Crowd Control and First Aid

When it comes to crowd control, the staff employed by security companies are experts. If you are arranging an event where large numbers of people will gather, you should also hire security specialist. The security team can monitor the number of people entering or leaving an area, perform searches to prevent weapons and illegal drugs the event, and perform age verification to prevent minors from entering venues which are serving alcohol. If anyone becomes unruly during the event, security specialist can subdue and eject the person before they injure other people or damage property. Security contractors will also look out for signs of suspicious behaviour such as drug dealing or theft.

Every security contractor is trained in first aid, which means they can offer assistance if anyone falls ill in the area they are protecting. In the event of an emergency such as a fire, security contractors will help to raise the alarm and to guide people to the nearest exits while also preventing anyone from being crushed in the rush to escape.

If you would like to find out more about this topic, you should contact a security company, such as Zagame security, to see what services they can offer you.