Most people will go to all lengths to protect their homes and businesses. After all, it would be devastating if a preventable occurrence cost you your business or lovely family home. Back to base alarm monitoring is an intelligent alarm system that allows the security company to monitor your alarm. Below is a detailed guide on how back to base alarm monitoring works and why you should consider investing in the system. 

How Does Back to Base Alarm Monitoring Work? 

Back to base alarm monitoring is a service that security companies offer to clients who want their premises monitored 24/7. Depending on your current alarm system and home set-up, the security company could use your home's telephone line, General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), or a wireless network to monitor the alarm. Phone lines and GPRS are preferable choices since they are not affected by power outages. If you choose to use a wireless network, having a backup power source would be worthwhile. 

Why Should You Consider Back to Base Alarm Monitoring? 

Why would you want your alarm monitored? Some would wonder. Well, alarm monitoring allows the security company to respond promptly to an alarm that goes off. Alarms go off for all kinds of reasons, such as animals on your compound, intruders, or children playing nearby. However, if the alarm goes off due to a break-in or fire, you need a professional response in the shortest time possible.

Alarm monitoring also allows you to detect defects in your alarm system. For instance, a lot of false alarms are an indication that the system needs maintenance. Some insurance companies will lower your home insurance premiums if you have a back to base alarm monitoring system.  

What Considerations Should You Make When Installing Back to Base Alarm Monitoring? 

Your immediate concern should be the reputation of the company monitoring the alarm. Conduct due diligence to establish whether the company indeed conducts 24/7 monitoring. Besides, ensure that the company operators are fully vetted. It would also be wise to assess the company guarantees. For instance, do they take responsibility if they fail to report an alarm? Then, evaluate the services that the company offers. For example, is it possible for the company to integrate alarm monitoring with CCTV to ensure they have an easy time differentiating between false and genuine alarms? Finally, check the company's pricing and terms. 

A back to base alarm system improves the functionality of your home's alarm system. As a rule of thumb, work with reputable security companies.