Today, many business people and homeowners rely on technologies such as alarms, CCTVs, and restricted access systems to safeguard their premises. However, they often forget an essential aspect of any security system, the security guard. Security guards are an immediate deterrent to burglary attempts. Moreover, they offer a rapid response in case of an emergency. The professionals also evaluate security threats and develop effective measures to mitigate these threats. 

Supposing your home or business needs to hire security guards, what would you look for when interviewing the professionals? Below is an exhaustive guide. 

Company Versus Freelance Guards

One of the dilemmas you will face is whether to hire company or freelance guards. Well, your needs should determine which option suits you best. Typically, company guards ensure continuity. If a guard is unavailable, the company deploys another guard. Moreover, the arrangement is flexible since you can increase or decrease the number of guards with a single phone call. Finally, security companies offer complementary services such as emergency response and alarm monitoring. These services are essential when your premises have a break-in or fire. 

Freelance guards are suitable for people who need personalised services. For example, a VIP who needs security services might opt to hire a freelance guard since they will have access to private matters such as their schedule, business partners and family. Private security guards can also offer customised services. For instance, they would be willing to work for longer hours, conduct private investigations, or handle some of your business affairs since they work for you directly. 

Guard Training

Examine the security guard's training to know the type and quality of their services. Ideally, the guard should have security assessment skills that enable them to detect and prevent threats. Moreover, they should have self-defence training to give them an upper hand against armed and unarmed threats. As a rule, the guard should have emergency training to respond to accidents and emergencies in their workplace. 

If you intend to deploy the guard in your business, ensure they have industry-specific training. For instance, the guard should have some customer relations and traffic management training if you run a retail business. Conversely, if you run an entertainment facility, the guard should be equipped with event management training. Finally, if your business moves cash and valuables, you might need a guard with some cash in transit training. 

Terms of Service

The guards should have reasonable terms of service. For instance, examine their working hours or days. Typically, consider guards that work during the weekends and holidays since you cannot anticipate a security event. When working with a security company, check their liability policy. For example, the guards should have adequate insurance. Finally, examine the terms of contract termination. If possible, the guard or security company should notify you to ensure you have sufficient time to make your security arrangements. 

For more information on security guards, contact a professional near you.